Friday, November 2, 2012

Mountain Glacier: Giving Back

At Mountain Glacier, one of our top priorities is to provide the purest, best tasting water available.  We also make it a point to donate our products to many charity events, church groups, and local sports and entertainment events. Mountain Glacier is a Chamber of Commerce member in several cities, and is involved with multiple business development groups.  Check out our complete list of organizations that Mountain Glacier has assisted over the years below.  And be sure to contact Mountain Glacier if you know of an event that could use a water donation in your area.  

National Multiple Sclerosis of Upstate NY: 10 cases bottled water

Pediatric Therapy of Rochester NY: 10 bottles

Buffalo, NY Police Department: 12 cases bottled water

Light the Night Walk for Cancer in Nashville, TN:  45 cases bottled water

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Golf Tournament in Nashville, TN:  15 cases bottled water

First Baptist Church in Weslaco, TX:  10 cases bottled water

Mercedes High School Booster Club in Weslaco, TX:  5 cases bottled water

Weslaco East High School Band:  10 cases bottled water

Bess Knapp Child Development of the First Baptist Church Weslaco:  10 cases bottled water

Donated a Beverage Truck to the Corpus Christi, TX Food Bank

Flour Buff Navel Junior ROTC of Corpus Christi, TX:  10 cases bottled water

Reitz High School Band in Evansville, IN:  300 Cases Canned Water

Tristate Food Bank of Evansville: Multiple donations of bottled and canned water a year

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