Monday, August 13, 2012

Free 30 Day Trial

There's a lot of changes that have taken place at Mountain Glacier since your last subscription and we think you should hear about them! Our offices have been working together as a team to ensure that you receive unsurpassed exceptional customer care. We've also improved our system by implementing new technology and software, we've added new equipment for processing and delivery all the while still producing the same superior products that you know and love. We are so sure you'll love the changes we've made at Mountain Glacier that we're offering a 30 day, no obligation free trial complete with water cooler rental and 5 gallon water bottles. Call our office today at 1-888-423-1955 to speak with a member of our friendly support staff for more information on how to active your 30 day free trial. Mountain Glacier: Water the way Mother Nature intended!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Welcome to Mt. Glacier where the quality of your drinking water is our number one priority. Mt. Glacier is a family owned, water distribution facility that has been keeping our country hydrated for over 12 years.  Whether residential or commercial, mountain glacier proudly distributes water bottles, coolers, and reusable jugs to those seeking optimal drinking water at an affordable price. Going “Green?” We are too!  With the ever-growing concerns of recycling, Mt. Glacier offers water cooler rentals, so you are able to enjoy only the purest, most refreshing, water without the worry of waste in your home or at the office. Your empty bottles are replaced with full bottles on a monthly scheduled delivery day, by one of our professional route drivers. All bottles used by mountain glacier are 100% recyclable and Eco-friendly. Are you planning an event or do you own your own company? Call us today! Custom labeling is available! We label each bottle individually at our plant ensuring that your water will not only taste great, but also look great! Allow the friendly, professional staff of Mountain Glacier to take care of all your water needs. Call our office today and ask about our free trial!  It’s time you taste water the way Mother Nature Intended.